Update 0.3.0

Here you can find all the latest server updates.
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Wed Apr 08, 2020 8:10 pm

Update 0.3.0
Thanks to everyone for their suggestions!
What's new? Minor bug fixes.
New login/registration screen.
New registration quiz questions
Removed phonebook from 24/7s
Renamed "new phone number" to "SIM Card" in 24/7s.
If you fail your drivers license test you get teleported back to the DMV
You now have to be level 2 to create a family.
Changed the colors of /stats - should be easier to read now.
Added "next paycheck" to /stats to see how much you'll make with the next paycheck..
/parkfamilycar no longer costs $5000 - its $500 now.
Changed insurance prices to be cheaper.
Changed the job switch timer from 1 hour to 10minutes.
Added some mappings around LS.
Changed some random texts.
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